Yeah, like you didn’t see this coming.

At any rate, this is my list. Other people have other lists, and that’s fine for them. I’m sure, in some weird backwards world, Spider-Man 2 might have made it onto someone else’s list. Not here brother. I’m tough on movies. People who see movies with me are lucky to survive if I start ranting as soon as I walk out of the theater. The good movie are the ones I wait until I get home to make fun of.

Anyway, without further ado… Matt’s Top Ten Movies of 2004 – now with explanations!

10. Dawn of the Dead – Ok, I know it’s campy. It’s cheesy. But what other opportunity did I have to laugh at zombies……

9. Shaun of the Dead – Good, funny zombie flick. But then, I think all zombie flicks are funny. I’m weird like that. It had its moment, but not enough to move it higher in the count.

8. Saved – Macaulay Culkin in a wheel chair, who couldn’t laugh? Actually, it was a light-hearted poke at people who take religion just a little to far. Jena Malone does a great job for her first film. The van scene still has me laughing. “I’m FILLED with Christ’s love”… *whack*. Classic.

7. Shrek 2 – The cat made it funnier than the first. That and the little inside jokes here and there. I bought the box set. Good stuff.

6. Miracle – It’s a movie about the single greatest hockey moment in history… as if it wasn’t going to make the list. It’s also really good. I went to see it with Lauren and a non-hockey person and even they liked it. Go figure.

5. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – One of Jim Carrie’s best. Artsy and stylish and just sappy enough. Well written and directed, unique and funny. Bravo.

4. Lost in Translation – I loved it, others hated it. I dunno, I genuinely felt sorry for the characters at the end. That says something right there. That and for once, Hollywood didn’t need a sex scene to “wrap up” loose ends. Genuine movie. Murry deserves some sort of award. But wait, isn’t this movie from 2003? Yeah, but I didn’t see it until 2004. MY list. Get it?

3. Napoleon Dynamite – Funny shit. Period. It had its dull moments, but everytime that kid talked I was rolling in the isle.

2. Garden State – Almost made it to #1. For his first try Zach Braff did a great job. Witty and entertaining, beautifully directed. A real indie-film treat.

1. The Incredibles – Yes, the Incredibles. Not only was it good, it was a cartoon! Seriously though, it was perfect from start to finish. An instant DVD special edition purchase. I found it hard to nit-pick and what I could was easily negated by the fact that it was CG. The voices were perfectly cast, the animation was great and hey, it had Jason Lee in it, what more do you people want!?!

I’m done.