Anyone else keeping up with the “rel=nofollow” tag news? Seems like an interesting idea. I kinda wonder when/if it’s going to get implemented.

For those of you outside the loop, Google, MSN, Yahoo!, Manilla, Six Apart, WordPress, Flickr, Blogger, Livejournal, Buzznet, Blojsom, Blosxom announced their support for a new html tag. By adding the tag to link tags, search engines would ignore it when they index a page.

The idea behind comment spam is that the links spammers post are indexed and count towards their page rank. This would negate that effect.

In my opinion it would help with fighting the page rank but do absolutely nothing for the amount of comment spam. The spam would be pointless, but that’s not going to stop anyone from posting it. Why change the way they post spam when they can just post more and hope it works. Fuckers.

If anything, this will increase the amount of spam that doesn’t work. That, and break html standards… unless it gets adopted there too.

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