First off, comments are turned off. Unless you’re a TypeKey account holder. In which case you can comment till you’re blue in the face, provided you can find the login box… which doesn’t exist. I didn’t do this because I’m in favor of their system. I’m not. I think it’s retarded. I think I should be able to make my own database of people who are allowed to comment and not rely on theirs. No, this was more of a last ditch effort to say myself from the insanity that has exploded on my comments over the past two days. Maybe, in some bizarre world, turning off comments for a few days will help. I’ve gotten, over 2 days, over 2000 comment spams. Luckily, I turned on comment moderation when I rebuilt the journal last week, so you, the reader, never actually got to see any of them. That I’m thankful for.

I won’t go into a long diatribe about how I need to change my journal system and how I’d like to do this or that, change this, have a feature that does something, etc. It’s pointless. No authoring system is 100% perfect, customizable and secure at the same time.

Instead, lets focus on other thing.

In gaming news, WE’RE NUMBER 1!!!!!!!!

That’s right. The Texas Combat Crew is back on top baby. After a long hard night of fighting, TCC beat =VoD= and reclaimed our number one spot on the CTF ladder. We’re also currently #2 in Conquest and #2 in CTF in a whole other tournament system. We’re challenging for number one in both this week.

Also, just a quick thought. Since I’m not a programmer, I can’t make useful things. Heaven knows I’d like to. Maybe you guys can help. You’re good at this sort of thing. I have four ideas for programs, three of which are easy. The forth is probably not possible but it would be nice. I won’t bore you with three of the four because they’re Battlefield related and no one gives a crap about that except me. I will mention this one though:

Idea: A small program that emails you every time a specified file is updated. It could be used for logs of some sort. The program would check the file for updates/changes. If it’s a text file, it’s contents could be emailed to you, if it’s not a text file, then a notification that its been changed could be emailed instead.

Anyone want to take on the challenge?

Oh, almost forgot, Chris and I are going to try and work on a Win amp skin. Cool huh? I’ll let you know more later as it gets closer.

Matt out.