Yep, it’s that time of year again. Another year come and gone and I’ve lived almost a quarter-century. You guys know that my birthday has never been a big deal to me. For years I typically stayed in and had pizza and watched Kevin Smith movies. As I get older I realize that birthdays, especially mine, as just another day on the calendar. Only on this particular Monday I get to choose where we go out to eat. Other than that, life pretty much continues uninterrupted.

Actually, I’m having a rather nice birthday. Lauren surprised the hell out of me and got me an authentic Red Sox jersey and a framed Ted Williams photo. My parents also sent me a “Red Sox – World Series Champions” hoodie and a copy of the NESN DVD “Faith Rewarded: 86 years in the making”. It was a very themed Birthday 🙂

Plans for this week are still rather unknown. I have no idea what days I’m working, which ones I get off, and what I’m doing on any of those afore-mentioned days. I think Christmas eve and Christmas day will be spent at Lauren’s Parents house. Apparently there are two rounds of presents. One the night before from the family and one the next day from the extended family who are coming over for lunch.

Other than that, not a lot is going on. I’m getting some money together for a new system. NewEgg finally credited my account for the refund from the graphics card fiasco. I should have about $750 when it’s all said and done. That should be enough for the bare essentials: mobo, CPU, graphics and PS. The rest can wait. I might try and squeak out a DVD burner too if there’s anything left over.

I’ve also got a few weddings coming up. Two in January and one in February.

I’ll be posting again before Christmas, but just in case…

I hope everyone has a merry Christmas and a great New Year. Drink some nog, watch some DVDs, play some video games. Kick back and relax and enjoy the time with your families. May none of you get the gift of sox (unless they’re Red) and may all your presents be geeky. Take care. I miss everybody. Cheers.