No one EVER order anything from Screw’em. If they treat their customers like this they deserve to be beaten into submission by stronger more customer oriented businesses like NewEgg.

I ordered my new graphics card yesterday at about 8am. The order was accepted, processed and my card was charged by about noon. I paid extra to have it shipped “next morning” because I knew I wasn’t going to be able to get it over the holiday weekend. So, I check my tracking this morning and it says “sent to warehouse”. I found that a bit odd and not finding a satisfactory answer on their website I decided to call them. First off, the guy spoke NO english whatsoever, which while I’m not holding it against him, would have certainly made the process a bit smoother. Apparently “sent to warehouse” is secret asshat code lingo for “out of stock”. I said that their website said it was in stock when I ordered it. The reply I received was something along the lines of “Da website, it diz upgraded once daily to be updated. Sold out before updated it might have been…”


Who the fuck is this guy? Yoda? That’s horse shit. At this day in age, you’re telling me that they can’t have an up to date inventory system? Bullshit they can’t. They’re fucking lazy more likely.

So, of course my options were to wait for it to be restocked or to cancel my order. 3 guesses what I chose…

So, I’ll be wait the 10 DAYS (!!!) for my refund so that I can order it from NewEgg. That, again, is horse shit. What sort of banking system do these morons use? 10 Days? Shit, personal checks clear in less. Seriously. I could write a personal check, mail it to someone, have them deposit it and SPEND it in 10 days.

They said the order cancellation itself could take 1-2 business days… which means NEXT MONDAY before the 10 days start.

I’m livid (in case you couldn’t tell).

I’m NEVER ordering from those fucks again. It’s NewEgg all the way baby. Not only do they have a normal inventory system, but 99% of my orders from them shipped out the same day AND got to me early.

The ONLY reason I didn’t order it from NewEgg is because they were out of stock. So… the single reason I chose is because they said it was in fact in stock.

Oh, the irony.