Hey, quick update guys. If you tried to access this page yesterday you more than likely were treated to a “I fux’ed things up” temporary page. Well, the site is back up, but the comments are not. I’ll give you more details later but basically in order to fix the problem I had to upgrade MT-Blacklist to 2.x, which meant I had to upgrade MT to 3.1. Since MT3 uses an optional comment registration system, I turned that ON and turned OFF the actual part that does the authenticating. So… you have to be registered to leave a comment… which you can’t be, because I turned it off.

So, all this has forced my hand at a redesign and I’ll be working on that this afternoon. This site should look completely different by the end of next week (or mid-week there-after if I’m too busy over Thanksgiving).

Just an FYI.

Journal = working
Comments = off