Well, NewEgg does it again. Not only did they process my order quicker than lightning, they also shipped it on Thanksgiving and I have it in my hands at this very moment. Wow. I’m impressed.

So, tonight will be upgrade night. I’ll take the GeForce 4 out and stick in my shiny new 6600GT. I’ll probably put the GeForce 4 into Lauren’s computer so I can use it as a “camera” to record BF1942 games or maybe I’ll stick it in the old computer and find a cheap hard drive to put in there, put it in the entertainment center and load all my NeoGeo, Nintento and Arcade roms onto it. Who knows.

Lauren’s brother is also supposed to come over tonight. After my upgrade we’ll fire up some system-linked Halo 2 and order a pizza or something.

Should be fun.

In non-game related news, this weekend is the Texas Teen pageant. I’ll be stuck working that all day tomorrow and half the day on Sunday. I’m sure that’ll suck.

Turkey Day was also tasty down here in Texas. The biggest difference is the lack of brown gravy. Everything is white gravy around here, and I’m not touching that stuff. Typically I’d make up a plate with turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and a few odd side dishes and then cover the whole things in brown gravy. Alas, there was none to be found… but Lauren’s uncle does make a mean Cajun Fried turkey, so that kind of makes up for it. Who would want to put gravy on spicy Cajun goodness anyway?

I hope everyone had a nice break and a restful long weekend. Cheers!