I’ve officially run out of space. Everywhere. My closet is full of crap from NH. My desk is still a “temporary” desk and barely holds my 21″ monitor, let alone my mouse, keyboard, speakers, Clie cradle and lava-lamp. Yes, I said lava-lamp. The drawers are full, the desk is cluttered. Next to my desk are 6 (!) 100 CD spindles that have yet to be filed or organized. My two hard drives are also full. I’d burn files off my hard drives but whats the point? I’d have to start a 7th spindle. It’s ridiculous. I’d like to get a nice desk, something along the lines of this. Oi.

That’ll have to wait until after I get that winning lotto ticket. That and what I really want, a GeForce 6800GT. Anyone feel like being a rich relative I’ve never met?