A group of us had gone out west of the city to a place called the Alamo Draft House on Sunday. It’s the dinner AND movie sort of place. It’s a good concept when it works and since we weren’t really interested in the movie anyway we figured it would be a good combo. We’ve been there several times and never had any sort of problem. Until Sunday that is.

After buying tickets for Lauren and I we went into the lobby and waited for our other friends to follow. After a minute we realized Sherzan wasn’t with us. So we went back outside. Apparently they had carded him and he didn’t have his drivers license on him. He did have a student ID but it didn’t have his birthday on it. So, after not getting a strait answer from the ticket counter as to WHY they weren’t selling him a ticket we asked for the manager. When he come out he seems annoyed and very non-helpful. He said, as bluntly as possible, “We’re a bar, if he doesn’t have an ID we can’t let him in.” At this point I got really pissed. This wasn’t a bar, its a movie theater that happens to have beer on it’s menu. I spoke up and asked that since he wasn’t drinking could I buy his ticket. That didn’t go over well either. After going back and forth with the manager for a few minutes I finally said “fine, then we’re all returning our tickets, you just lost $60.” I couldn’t really believe it. First, we were going to see AvP, which is PG13, which shouldn’t require an ID anyway. Second, plenty of places that are considered “bars” don’t card unless you order something with alcohol in it. Applebee’s for example. The full name of that restaurant is “Applebee’s BAR and Grill”. Do they card you at the door? No. So, then I thought that maybe the state is making them uphold rules for a 21+ club or something. But wait, there’s no on at the door checking IDs. Also, they let children in by the score, and children don’t have IDs. So, they’re not a “club” and don’t have an age limit and their not a bar and apparently their not much of a movie theater either. I guess they’re making up their own rules or something. What if I wanted to take my imaginary 12 year old brother to see a kids movie? Would they card my brother? No of course not. They can’t have it both ways. They can’t be a “bar” and not let people in but yet let people in and be a “theater”. They have to pick one. Or, I guess they don’t. They can be ass-holes all they want and they just won’t get my money. Ever again. And you know what, I’ve never been carded there before. Never.

So, instead, we went 10 minutes down the road, had some tasty Mexican food instead and then went to the other nearby theater and used our student IDs to get in for $5. So there, suck that Alamo Draft House.

Monday was less eventful. Lauren and I watched the original Manchurian Candidate and The Apartment. I was supposed to play in a match last night as well but I was put on Stand-By/Reserve so I didn’t end up having to.

Oh, and a big thank you to Jason for mentioning the Streetlight Manifesto album a little while back. It’s fantastic.