Hey guys, sorry about the lack of updates, it’s been crazy around here. There’s work, more work, other work, etc, and I’ve been trying to spend my free time with Lauren as much as I can. I’m actually getting ready to go to work right now but I couldn’t sleep so I got up a little early and I have a little extra time.

We’ve been working hard to get things done and printed from the Miss Houston pageant last month at the same trying to get things ready for the bigger Miss Texas pageant next month. It’s a long and often aggravating process of looking through all 2000+ pictures from the event to find one single girl in one single outfit, THEN going back and doing that three times for each girl and there were about 100 girls who ordered packages. After I find them I have to open each one in Photoshop, crop it to the ordered size and then send it to our RIP Que. That’s RIP as in Raster Image Processing, not Rest in Peace. Although “Death Que” has a nice ring to it.

Backward from today, on Thursday we took the Houston Texans official NFL photos. The ones you see on TV when they do things like “…and this is the starting defensive line” and they show half a dozen really angry looking guys. Yeah. We did those. The photos also go in program books, in NFL ads and publicity stuff, etc. So that was pretty cool.

Lastly, next week I get to shoot the annual Police Officers Union “Police Officer of the Year” Awards. One of those city MVP kind of things. The mayor will be there, the police chief, folks like that. Should be interesting.

Oh, and I almost forgot, today after the photos we’re scheduled to take we’re building Paul a new computer. Nice rig too. Antec case, Athlon 64 3200+, 1G of Cosair, Ati Radeon 9800 Pro, WD SATA 40G hard drive. Should be fun to play a little DC with.

Gotta run. Work calls.