Updates, Links and Stuff, OH MY!

Not much going on today. My usually Monday off was made even better because Lauren had it off as well. Sadly, I don’t get an additional day off since I get Mondays off normally. Oh well. So, everyone else got a three day weekend and I’m excited because for once I get a two day! Spending it with Lauren was also good because I usually don’t get to do that and I miss spending entire weekends with her.

In other news, my membership in the TCC is being voted on by members. If I don’t get in it’ll be a close vote. My boss got in yesterday and said that most of the other members voted “yes”, so that’s promising. I’ve been told that my “strategy” is slightly dated and that I should go for the flag more often. I say that’s ridiculous since I outscore all of them by a wide margin. I have screen caps to prove it. Oh well. It’s not like I won’t play if I don’t get into their magic little club. Honestly, I just wanted an excuse to fire up Team Speak and yell at people instead of typing at them. I find that more therapeutic.

This just in. Chris has given his page a makeover and a backend change. He’s now running WordPress 1.2 and a nifty blue theme. Good for him.

I’ve got more links to share and whatnot but it’s dinner time and Lauren’s walking in with Mexican.


Fenway Ahoy!

Just got a call from my Dad. My brother is pitching at Fenway Park RIGHT NOW. He’s in the something-annual College VS University All Star Game. It’s a bunch of Division 1 guys vs Division 2 guys. Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth VS BC, BU, thing.

I’ve asked for them to get me dirt. Real, honest to god Fenway dirt. It’s something I’ve always wanted. Is that silly?

It was 92 degrees today

What thats supposed to mean I really don’t know. It was hot. I dislike hot. Sorry.

Before I get into everything, I apologize for leaving you guys out of the loop so to speak. I’ve just had a lot on my mind and I didn’t really want to talk about any of it. I would much rather bottle it up and deal with it later, per my usually habit.

My grandfather is still unresponsive. The swelling in his brain has gone down and now everyone is on watch for signs of recovery. I’m not there so I can’t say anything first hand but apparently he’s at least opened his eyes once or twice. I hate waiting like this and the “no news is good news” bullcrap that my parents are shoveling isn’t helping. I am pretty close to my grandfather although not so much in the past few years. I’ve been “away” for quite some time obviously with first school and now life here in Texas. That’s no ones fault, just a point of fact. So, we continue to play the waiting game.

Work, well, is interesting. I know Jason will hate me but I’m afraid I still can’t really talk about it. Let’s just say that it’s material for that book I’ve yet to write. Hell, it’s probably at least a trilogy of books at this point. I’ll pay a quick homage to Jack Kerouac and call it the “Legend of DePear” or something. For those who aren’t good at mindless trivia, Jack’s books follow the lives of him and his friends and although he never formally published it as a collection under this title while he was alive he did refer to them as the Legend of Duluoz. End English lesson. Back to talking about work. In un-situation-ish work we’re gearing up for the pageant at the end of the month. I get to spend a whole week (8.5 days actually) in the human torture chamber know as Laredo TX. It’s apparently hot there, so I’ve been told.

On a more person level, Lauren and I have been able to kick back a little a relax a bit this week. We had a chance to check out Shrek 2 which was probably on par with it’s predecessor. We also got to see an Astros game against the Cubbies. Let me be the first to say that I really dislike Minute Maid Park. We sat somewhere in the middle along the first base line and we were at such an unparalleled angle to the field that we felt like we were going to fall out of our seats. It also didn’t help that we asked 3 (!) different official ballpark employees where our seats were and none of them had a clue. It took us 20 minutes and multiple wrong turns before we sat down. But hey, the tickets were free and the game was good, so what else can you ask for right?

Let’s see, what else… oh yeah, Full Spectrum Warrior comes out on Tuesday. That’ll be fun and time consuming. I borrowed 007:Everything or Nothing from my boss and I’m playing through that right now as a time killer between games of Desert Combat. I also got my Sony Clie up and working again and I’m going to be passing it off to Lauren would could really use a PDA for work. There’s so many notes and phone numbers and such that she needs I figured it would be more helpful for her than for me. I was only really using it for Bejeweled, Insainiquarium and to balance my checkbook anyway.

That’s pretty much it guys. I’m gonna go set up Blade Runner in the DVD player and grab some dinner.

Matt out.

Partially Cloudy with a 20% Chance of Rain

I love stupid titles. Sorry. I also haven’t updated in a while. For that I apologize.

There’s not really any update in my grandfathers condition. His brain is still under a considerable amount of strain and swelling. They think that blood thinners will help. As of yet he’s been mostly unresponsive to outside stimuli. That’s about all we know so far.

On a less somber note, Nagle and Jason graduated this past weekend. A big congrats goes out to them. You can find the complete list of graduates here in case you’re interested.

Work has also been rather crazy lately. We’ve had some website abuse issues that I’m not really allowed to discuss and the authorities are getting involved. Hopefully we’ll catch the guy soon.

I also had the opportunity to catch up with Chris yesterday. He reminded me of a few game releases that should be exciting. Full Spectrum Warrior, Jade Empire, Halo 2 and Fable look especially tasty.

There’s an equally exciting list of PC games as well, but it would take me all morning to type. Maybe I’ll mention a few later.

Other than that it’s pretty much just a daily grind. Sorry to be so boring and bland. My heart really isn’t in it today. I’ve got a lot on my mind. I know you understand. Thanks again for all the support guys. It means a lot.


My grandfather is in the hospital. He’s had a massive stroke. They’re not sure if he’ll recover. I’ll let you guys know more as I find out. They won’t know more until the morning.