The era of zombies not running for you is officially over. 28 Days Later didn’t really feel like a proper zombie movie when I initially went to see it. Mostly because the zombies didn’t shuffle and moan after you and they didn’t really “eat” anyone, just kind of spit blood at them. Yesterday Lauren’s dad and I checked out Dawn of The Dead. Now that’s a zombie movie. Not quite as good as it’s 1978 original, but a fun ride none-the-less.

But Matt, you usually only like movie with plots and characters and all that good artsy stuff, what gives?

Well, you see, I have this soft spot deep inside the movie critic portion of my brain, specially reserved for horribly cheesy zombie movies. I love’em, I don’t know why.

Dawn of The Dead had absolutely no story whatsoever. None. The movie starts with a nurse coming home from work and turning off a report of “a disturbance” on the radio. That’s pretty much all we get. After that it’s full on zombie chasing mayhem. Our main characters eventually get trapped in a mall and spend a good portion of the movie there, fending off zombies and trying to figure out what to do next. And, once again, this movie proves that the mighty shotgun is the single most powerful weapon in all of existence. Anyway, good popcorn flick, just don’t be expecting Shakespeare.

Outside of that it’s been a pretty mundane week. Lots of work and the lack of my 6-month review have left me rather disenchanted with going to work tomorrow. I was supposed to have a review 2 weeks ago and it’s yet to happen.

I’m also working on a website design for Lauren’s company. It’s going a bit slowly because I’ve lost all my photoshop settings, styles, actions and all of my windows fonts. I’m working to get them back slowly, finding bits and pieces here and there on backup disks. I’m also at a bit of a loss in terms of motivation. I don’t really like where the design is going. But that’s just half the fun isn’t it. That should take me the better part of this coming week in the evenings.

I’m really tired. I think I might take a little power nap before getting back into designing. Later.

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