Six of us went out for dinner last night in celebration of Lauren’s brother’s birthday. We went to a Fondu resturant. I’ll give you a minute to let that sink in…

… ready? Ok.

The whole premise of this place is that YOU cook your food. Then they charge you $30 a plate. That’s like going to the machanic, fixing your own car and them charging you for labor. I didn’t get it. The meal itself wasn’t bad. There were three courses. The first was a cheese fondu. Cheddar and spices and whatnot. Then they gave you little pieces of bread to dip in it. There were some crackers and veggies too but I stuck to mainly the bread. The second course consisted of various meats and sea foods, raw, that you cook in your choice of boiling broth. The terryaki serloin wasn’t bad but I was questioning the chicken most of the time. The last course was chocolate, as fondu should be. We got our pot with Baileys in it because, well, it’s good. Again there were little things to dip. Strawberries, crackers, little brownie bits. The chocolate was good. The cheese was good. I’m not sure about that main course though.

Anyways, I just thought I’d share. I should really get back to work.