This past week has really been all over the place. I’m at a loss to remember most of it, but I will pass along the highlights if I can. Let’s see, this week we rented (via Netflix) Outside Providence, Pitch Black and Eddie Izzard: Dressed to Kill. They weren’t half bad. Outside Providence was a little weak, Pitch Black was your standard de-facto sci-fi flick but was saved by it’s creative cinamatography and Eddie Izzard is a comedian so odviously that DVD was rather funny. I’ve also gotten further in both my season of ESPN NHL Hockey for the Xbox and Silent Storm for the PC. Silent Storm is really impressing me. Great graphics (for it’s genre) and extremely in-depth game play and physics. At work, rumors are swirling that we still might take Rodger Clemen’s photo before spring training and we’ve also booked the star of ABC’s “For Love or Money” reality show as a wedding client. We’ll be doing his wedding in March. If doing Master P’s wedding hadn’t fallen through you could probably consider us a “celebrity photography studio”. Let’s see, oh yeah, I hacked my DVD player. It’s now region free. For the longest time it wouldn’t play DVDs without region encoding, only specific region 1 disks. That made playing movies like Snatch rather hard, since it’s a region 0 disk because it was released both here and in the UK. WIth a few simple key strokes of the remote I’m now region 0 and can play whatever I feel like. If you feel like searching for yours, check out The remote hack for mine was actually found under the players listed features. It’s also a great site just for general how-to information. Lets see, what else, oh yeah, we were taken out to dinner last night my Lauren’s parents to, get this, Perry’s Steak House. Aww yeah. I had one of tastiest pieces of meat ever. And I wouldn’t expect anything less of Texas. These folks seriously know their steak. Afterwards we watched Lost In Translation. I actually really liked the film. Lauren and here parent’s didn’t. I wish I could explain why I liked it, I’ll have to mull it over in my head today and let you know later. The only thing I can think of at the moment is that I liked it for it’s simplicity and honesty. I’m sure I can think up more things to add but I’m running late for work. We’ve got a long day of portraits today and then Lauren and I are seeing Miracle (the hockey movie) tonight because last weekend we missed the sneak preview in favor of Xbox games (Fusion Frenzy with a few friends). Alrighty, gotta run.

Matt out.