I’m at work, playing with Dreamweaver at the moment and I’m trying to convert our companies web site from Microsoft “I can’t make web page programs for shit” FrontPage to Macromedia Dreamweaver. This is mostly because of my hatred for FrontPage and my constant insistance that we stop using it. Mostly I just complain about it. That usually gets the job done. Anyway, so I’m using Dreamweaver MX and I’m looking through documentation to find a quick and easy way of converting the whole site, frontpage extensions and all, into a DW site. Low and behold I find this: the Macromedia Extension Manager. You’re probably saying “so, it’s just a plugin control system”. That much is true, but when you pair it with a FP conversion plug in, like this one… here, you’re life becomes oh so simple. Hell, Macromedia realizes people are switching so they even offer a Macromedia FP Migration Kit and easy to follow instructions. Cool huh? This of course has caused me to lose half my morning to the downloading of cool new Dreamweaver plugins. Most of which are completely useless but some I might just have to try out on my own.

Lastly, to follow up yesterday’s post, MT-BlackList is now installed and is working quite nicely. I already received notification of three blocked comments. It doesn’t block based on IP addresses, only on content, which is a far more usefull system anyway. I’ll explain more later. Gotta get back to work.