I’ve found the preverbial last straw. It’s in the shape of journal comment SPAM. It’s going to stop. I’ve already put two calls in to the ISP it’s originating from but they said the account is a dial up and it would take some time to trace back the offender since the IP address keeps changing. I call that stalling. Hell, they’re probably in on it. Regardless, as of tonight I’m installing MT-BlackList and banning not only the content, their IP ranges but even yahoo and hotmail email accounts in total. I’m not fucking around anymore. My appologies to anyone with a yahoo or hotmail email account. The ban will be temporary unless there is reason to extend it. I’m also looking for some way to validate email addresses within the system. Locking out things like “fakemail@yahoo.com” since, obviously, it isn’t real. I doubt something like that exists. Maybe I might talk to Chip and see if he’s interested in a little programming. Arg.