Small update while I have a second. Things are going well at work. The boss will be away for a week or so and I’ll be keeping the place from burning down. Shouldn’t be too hard. I’ve got plenty to keep me busy while I’m at it too. 5 or 6 weddings to physically matte and put into albums, a whole host of orders from the Miss Texas Teen Pagent that I need to get out the door. Etc. Elsewhere, Gold’s Gym in Merrimack can kiss my fat white ass. They’ve apparently turned me over to a collection agency for a debt that I don’t own them. My gym memebership has been canceled since July since, well, I’m not really near NH to be able to go to the gym. The last month was paid for and I thought that was it. Apparently they’re trying to collect for July AND August as well. They want one month I already paid for and a month AFTER my membership was canceled. I called and talked to them as well as to my folks. It’s “being taken care of”. Perry translation: Both Matt AND his father get to call and yell at people. Man, us Perrys sure love doing that. More locally, Lauren and I are getting a couch tonight. A big giant red one. Micro-suede even. It’s comfy. Should be a bit nicer for guests to sleep on. We’ll move the existing couch into the guest room probably. It’ll be a little tight but no more so than Nagle old dorm room. 324. So, we’ll have two couches, a guest bed (which is a trundle bed so it technically counts as two beds), our bed and two air mattresses. Damn. Anyone want to come visit? We’ve got your bed covered. Also, one of Lauren’s Christmas gifts came today. I won’t say what it is since she might be reading but a copy of Project Gotham Racing 2 just happened to accompany it in the box. That should prove to be some fun between now and the holidays. An early birthday present to myself of course. That’s about it. Gotta run. Supposed to be working.

Matt out.