Internet today, Hockey owns and all is not right with Matts stomach

RoadRunner is coming to my house. 6pm-ish. Hopefully, if I get off work early, I’ll be there for the install, or lack there of. Mainly because I’m not letting those people go within 10 feet of my computer with any sort of “software” that they purpose to be required. I’ve read the RR white sheet and FAQ about their software. It’s a crippled version of IE6 bundled with some adware. That just isn’t going to happen. I’m going to have the guy do everything upto and including turning on the modem. At that point I’ll give him the money for the install and ask for the server information so I can set up my own damn email.

Secondly, hockey is the greatest sport on earth. I’ve said this before but this pretty much proves it. It’s the Heritage Classic. Kind of like an all-time all-star game. Here is the roster for one of the games. Oilers vs Canadians. Wayne Gretzky and Mark Messier vs. Guy Lapointe and Guy Lafleur. Holy crap. If you don’t know who those last two are, I forgive you. As a Bruins fan I was educated in who to dislike. The Canadiens are the arch-rivals of my beloved B’s and so I know of the damage those two have inflicted. Oh, and did I mention the games are going to be played outdoors, old-school style, with old-school equipment. Yeah. Hockey rules.

Lastly, never get chinese food from Pearland TX. As my stomach can attest to, it is bad. Unpleasent and even upsetting (stomach wise). But the Crab Yummies were, well, yummy.

Oh, and as a side note, check out GodsKitchen Radio on Digitally Imported. I was listening to a mix by Dave Dresden (of Gabriel & Dresden) yesterday and it was very very good. Check it out.

Matt out.

Hmmm, SuSE Linux running Windows apps?

Article at Neowin…


Could be interesting. My main hold outs for Windows have always been games and Photoshop. I don’t think I’d switch over night, or even expect the game emulation quality to be that good, but I think it might be worth a try. Plus it would make me sit down and finally learn something about Linux. Games, through WineX, I know have been possible for a while now, but I’m really interested in how Photoshop would fair. Could be cool.

Quick News… internet coming soon!

My appologies for being lax in my updating. Ever since we got back from the honeymoon I’ve been excessively busy at work and when I do have free time I’m usually at home, without internet. But that’ll change as of Saturday. Time Warner is coming out to install some tasty Road Runner cable modem goodness at my house. I’ll be back online once again. My promises of large posts will be fully realized then. Until then however, just realize my level of activity and excuse me from shirking my web-responsibilities. I’ll be coming at you soon with new game reviews (Max Payne 2, SSX 3 and Call of Duty) a view movie reviews and of course my usual extra special brand of mindless banter. I know you’ve missed it.

Until then true believers.

Matt out.

…Hopefully Stan Lee won’t sue me over using the phrase “true believers”.

Pictures are up!

Wedding pictures are up. Check your email for directions. If I forgot to email you, email me and I’ll send you the password.

And, as far as my freezer is concerned… what exactly was in that 3rd cup? I know I saw a pipe and a flower but that 3rd one was a complete mystery.