I’m sitting here typing into a quick-notes pane on my new Dell XPS Gaming System. Ok, so technically it isn’t “mine”, but it’s damn nice anyway. There are a few downsides I won’t get into but it’s more than adequate for inter-office gaming and getting some occasional work done. Actually, in all seriousness, it kicks some serious butt in Photoshop. A gig of RAM will tend to do that. Or, at least it’ll tide us over until we put 2 Gigs into it next week. Did I mention is has an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro? Umm, yeah… a lot of work is going to get done on this puppy.

Actually, until this morning I forgot how many programs I use on a daily basis, when I had to install all of them on a fresh computer. I usually run StyleXP, a blog tool of some sort, IrfanView, Quick Notes, ieSpell, YzDock, Firebird, Google-Bar, Proxomitron, Win Patrol, Outlook, Icon Packager, Winamp, WinRAR and a whole host of different customizations like icon sets, custom cursors and of course a huge wallpaper collection. I have none of those. Well, that’s not completely true. I did just install Quick Notes and Winamp. I’ll have to pick up the others as I hunt around the web to find them again since, obviously, I don’t have my 600+ bookmarks. That reminds me. I needed a bookmark manager.

If anyone has any recommendations as to different programs to use in lew of one of the above, please let me know. I love trying out new software.

I should also add that we got the Jedi Academy demo running on the puppy this morning… holy crap. At 1600×1200 with every option turned on, it purred. I actually think it purred. Forget gaming from home, I’ll just stay late every once in a while and game here. That is, if it’s ok with Paul…

…who I’ve now gotten addicted to Jedi Academy and who I’ll be picking up a full copy for tomorrow since it was released today.