Paul and Carrie have gone back to their house for a minute leaving me a few seconds to put in an update. Things are going well at work. Today I put together a wedding album, retouched a half-dozen pictures and wrote up an order for to take with us to the body building tournament tonight. That’s where I’ll be tomorrow actually. It’s a pretty messed up schedule and I’m not really thrilled about it but it’s work and I’m not going to complain. I could be doing a lot worse. Like working retail or at a shitty photo lab somewhere. I really really enjoy working here, I just wish the hours were a bit more normal. I’m probably only feeling that way because I’m already back at work after spending a week working 18 hour days. Things should normalize fairly soon.

Car-wise I’ve been lucky to be able to borrow Lauren’s brother’s truck, which I am very grateful for. I kind of enjoy driving a pick-up. I’ve only done it once or twice before but I’ve enjoyed it so much that I’m actually considering buying an F150. Paul’s been very helpful in terms of calling people and talking to his contacts about places I could possibly get deals. The Mazda dealership apparently loves him and is willing to work on a below-invoice deal on a Protégé 5 for me. We’ll see. I was never really a big fan of the Protégé 5, considering it to be an inferior Matrix knock-off, but I’ll reserve judgment for after a test-drive. There’s a couple other cars I’d like to look at too.

Everything else is going pretty well. Life at Lauren’s house is pretty much like my house only without parents at baseball practices and my car being borrowed daily… now it’s just being borrowed permanently. Chris (Lauren’s brother) leaves for Northern Texas Univ. next week so I’ll be moving from the futon to a real bed, which I’ll jump for joy over since my back can’t take much more futon.

That’s about it. I’m having serious video-game withdrawal but I’m making due. In the next week or so I’m also going to be getting a new workstation, so customizing the crap out of that should sooth some of the pain. I wish I had the time to keep up with techy-news and links and such but I just don’t. I’m sure there’s some nefarious government plot or Microsoft product I should be bitching about. Perhaps that’s for the best.

Alrighty. Back to work. I’ve got to finish some retouches before we leave for the body building tournament prelims at 7:30.

Matt out.