It must really be a hard life my brother leads. You get everything paid for by everyone else. You get free gas, free food, free transportation, free everything. You don’t have to pay for college, that’s free too. You date 7 girls at the same time and STEAL YOUR BROTHERS FUCKING CAR EVERY CHANCE YOU GET!

Fucking shit. He feeds my mom some sob story about how his life is so hard because he doesn’t have a car so she gives him the spare keys to mine. What the fuck is that about? I found out that my gym membership hadn’t expired yet so I decided to go. I look out the window and guess what, no car. “Mom, where’s the Matrix?” I ask. “Oh, you’re brother took it to Boston, he’ll be back late tonight.” What the fuck is that shit? Sure, borrow the car to go to the store, or to rent a movie, something like that. That shit doesn’t bother me. But to take it to Boston? I NEED MY FUCKING CAR. There’s no two ways about it. At some point today, odds are I was going to be leaving the house… now, I’m not.

AAARGG!! !%$^#*^&%$#$#* unintelligible words %%#@#$@#*@#*!!!!!


So… since I’m in sure a wonderful mood already… I get to spend, by default, the entire day with my parents. Now, I love my parents, as everyone loves their parents, but after 4 years of college there’s a level of independence that I’m accustom to. This, is not it.

Regardless, there is a glimmer of happiness that I should mention before that too gets squashed. The order of computer mod parts that Chip and I ordered are here. Also, my father said he’d help me drill holes in my case tonight and give me a hand attaching casters to the bottom. I figure while we’re at it, since I’ll have to be taking all the hardware out of the case to begin with, I might as well paint it. I’m thinking “Subaru WRX blue” for a color. We’ll see what I come up with at the store… which, surprise, I can’t go to CAUSE I DON’T HAVE A CAR. See how everything is a big circle… everything leads into everything else.

So, if I don’t update for a few days it’s because my beloved computer is going from beige ugliness to silent, blue and pimped out. I’ll take pictures.