I’m typing this from the ‘rent computer so I’ll be brief. Yesterday I installed 4 steel and rubber casters to the bottom of the case, so now it has wheels. I also sanded, primed and began painting the case. The “Subaru Blue” is apparently hard to achive without pearlesent auto paint, so I went in a bit of a different direction. You know those cars that have the color changing paint? Well, have you ever seen a case like that? Neither have I, so I decided to give it a try. I’m on clear top coat #5 of approximatly 7. After the next few coats it’ll need at least 24 hours to dry and harden. The order from Xoxide.com is here so after the case is done I’ll be installing 2 blue LED fans, a blue cold cathod and a Vantec Stealth (silent fan). Also, the new Swiftec heatsink that Chip recommended will be here early next week. I’m going to wait on that heatsink to put everything back together. When it’s completed it will be a really neat shade of deep, color-changing purple, glow like crazy and be nearly silent. This is my first case-modding so hopefully everything will go well on a technical level… *knock on wood*. It might just encourage me to cut that case window I’ve been thinking about. We’ll see.

Chip is on his way over at the moment and we’ll be installing his fan grill and red cold-cathod tube. It should be glowing nicely in a short while. After I finish my clear coats I think we’ll be heading to the movies to see if all the hype about The Hulk is deserved.

So, if I’m not online in the next few days, now you’ll know why. As soon as that heatsink gets here everything will be set and I’ll be back up and running.