Sorry I haven’t updated in a few days, there just been a lot going on. I’ll have to make this quick because there’s a lot going on today as well.

-Got my printing done by PhotoMaster. I’m now officially “finished” with my finals.

-With Chip’s help, came up with that little New Media project I was telling you about. It’s small and silly, but check it out anyway.

-Went to a dinner party last night at Tom and Lessie’s house. Ate to much, feeling sick this morning.

That’s mostly it. Just been a lot of work on random things, trying to tie up loose ends here and there. As for the next few days, I’m going to class today to present both my Fashion portfolio and my New Media art project, then I’m officially done. Tonight I’m going to help Lauren as much as I can with Photoshop so that she can get her work to her friend Kristen to be printed (Kristen has a super nice 11×14+ printer apparently). Thursday night the Arolfo’s fly in and we’re going to go out to Savannah Smiles with them that night. Friday my family arrives and we have graduation rehearsal in the afternoon. Saturday is graduation. Sunday my folks are leaving with the mini-van packed full of my stuff. Monday (?) Lauren is leaving for TX with Sarah and Tuesday I’m leaving Savannah with the remainder of my things and heading back home.

That’s the next week. As you can see, it’s a bit hectic. I’ve got to start packing/cleaning/organizing my stuff tonight, tomorrow and Thursday because I don’t see myself having much time over the weekend with graduation and family being in town.

Speaking of graduation, this is kind of cool, the ceremony is being web-cast. It’s listed about halfway down this page. If anyone’s bored and would like to watch, it’s 10am on Saturday.

Let’s see, oh yeah, I picked the new Less than Jake and John Digweed CDs. Both are excellent and highly recommended. That’s about it. I’ve got to get back to writing my “Artist’s Statement” for class this afternoon.

My apologies if I don’t update daily these next few days. I’m sure you understand.