Well, that photo shoot didn’t really happen. Originally we had set a time of 6pm but I asked if we could move it back a little to 7 just to make sure everyone had enough time to prepare and get there. I got there at 6:30, set up lights and a table-top set-up and waited. At 7:45 I was fed up and packed my things to leave. The girl who was supposed to be there at 7:00 walked in a little before 8:00. I had told my friends who were in the studio to say that I had gone home angry if anyone asked. She asked where I was and Matt Ferral said I had gone home really pissed off (which I was). I stepped forward and added that it was very unprofessional, turned my back to them, grabbed my things and left. They shut the door behind them and left on their own.

I simply don’t understand people. I was treating this professionally and I expected others to do the same. I was there when I needed to be. I was ready to go. They walk in an hour late like everything is fine. I had shit to do. I had photos I needed to be taking on my own. I was doing this out of the kindness of my heart. I wasn’t getting paid, I didn’t even know this girl. All I was trying to do was help out Sean, my friend.

I apologize to him if he’s reading this, I know this complicates your graphic design work and I’m sorry. But seriously, if I was a paid, professional photographer and she had hired me to do this job I would have walked away. I would have said “find yourself another photographer because my time isn’t free.” I know that sounds harsh but it’s the real world. If she was going for a job interview or was meeting with a client of her own and she was an hour late, she would have just lost that client.

15 minutes I could understand, that would have been fine. Half an hour and I would have been a little angry but would have dealt with it. But letting me sit there for an hour, without even calling my cell phone is pretty damn rude. I think she had the number and if she didn’t she certainly had my home phone number and my roommate was here all night, he would have given it to her. Still, to this very minute, it’s 11:00pm and still nothing from her. Not “I’m sorry, my car broke down” or “I’m sorry, I couldn’t leave work.” Nothing.

I know it’s mean, but it’s finals and I’ve got lots of stuff on my mind and not a lot of time left. Find yourself another photographer, cause this one doesn’t put up with that shit.