Just some random odds and ends.

Today I paid my credit card bill as well as the cable bill. I also convinced the cable company to give me digital cable for $29.99 a month. I wasn’t supposed to get the “monthly special” that they’re running but I was able to convince the rep that I was talking to that I was interested in it but not willing to pay “all that money for it.” Little to they know that I’ll be moving out in a month.

Tonight is Lauren’s shower, so she’ll be at that. Afterwards we, as a larger group, have plans to see X-Men 2 at midnight. Hopefully it’ll be good. Probably about as thin as paper but I’m going simply for the action. As much as I like “artsy” movies, I need some explosions every once in a while.

Other than that, not much is going on. Critique went well yesterday and my fashion class liked my work. I’ve got to figure out what to shoot this weekend and call people to see if they’re available.

I’ll let you know how X-men is tomorrow. Later.