Well, classes are over, everything went well and now I’ve got nothing to do for a week and a half. Lauren flew back home to TX last night and got in around 10pm. She gave me a call from Houston to tell me she made it and that she was going to get some food with her folks. Chip also called me from somewhere in VA to tell me he was stopping for the night. I looked up hotels for him and found him a Holiday Inn somewhere near Fredricksburg. He should be back on the road soon and should get here this evening, probably around dinner time. I know that the bottom of VA is 6 hours and that DC is about 8. He’s somewhere in between.

As for Jason and I, today we’re going to try and find a coffee table. We’ve been looking for one for weeks now and just can’t find anything decent (cheap) enough to buy. Jason also saw Nagle at the movies last night and he said he’d be up for doing something. So, who knows. I’m going to hit Walmart up for some random things and probably vacuum before Chip gets here but other than that it’s all about the computer games.

After beating Splinter Cell last night and Command & Conquer: Generals the other day I figured I should find something new to occupy my time. I started playing Age of Mythology but it’s pretty much like every other “Age of Insert Something Here” game. It’s a typical RTS (real time strategy) and I’m not sure I’m in the mood for another one after finishing C&C just the other day. Then I gave Freelancer a try. Holy crap this game is good. Repetitive but good. Most (99%) of the missions are exactly the same and the game turns into a routine simply for money to make your ship better. Then I reinstalled Medal of Honor and added on the Spearhead expansion pack. Why did I ever stop playing this game? Medal of Honor won my personal “game of the year” status two years ago (? – or was it last year?) and this expansion pack is one of the best I’ve seen in a long time. Nothing, and I mean nothing is more fun than vanquishing wave after wave of Nazis. In between blasting Nazis and flying around space I’m also going to be cleaning out my hard drives. I’ve got two nearly full drives and nothing but crap on them. They haven’t been “cleaned” since last summer. Time to back some CDs up and wipe’em.

That’s about it. Spring break is here. Let the video game fun begin. 🙂