Yes… it’s 3:30am. I’m still awake. I’m quickly copying files from my computer which is on its death bed. It’s gone from “crashing randomly” to “blue screen of death on every boot.” It’s pretty ugly. Chip and I have been looking up the “Stop: Error” numbers that it’s been giving us and all of them make reference to horrific driver problems. Unfortunatly none of them mention which drivers or even what type of drivers might be to blame. We’ve uninstalled and reinstalled everything we can think of and nothing has helped. At the moment I’m blaming Age of Mythology. Ever since I installed it I’ve been having problems and if I remember correctly, it required a reboot when it was installed, indicating to me that it installed some sort of driver. A driver which more than likely has been left in the system folder after I uninstalled the game. I can’t think of anything else I’ve installed in the past 3 days that even remotely used or changed drivers. So… it leaves me with only one option: reinstalling EVERYTHING. This doesn’t exactly come at the best time. At the height of spring break gaming goodness my computer decides to pull this shit. I’m not very pleased. I’m backing up everything I can but memory dumps and bluescreens are popping up every few minutes. I’ve also transfered things over to my older system, mostly my mp3 collection. Tomorrow I’ll wipe the drive and then reinstall. I suppose I should get some sleep now. It is 3:30am… and I’m very tired… of all this.