Well, last night was interesting. We had let the computer format itself while we were in Hilton Head and even that crashed. So, it was time for some drastic measures. We started ripping hardware out until we were down to nothing but the motherboard, CPU and RAM. That crashed. At that point we figure it was probably bad RAM and started swapping out sticks. I had 2 sticks of Crucial and 1 stick of Kingston and at this point the stick of Kingston seems to be the stable one. I got the two sticks of Crucial confused and so I’m not sure which one is the problem anymore. We’ve gotten 90% of the way into the reinstall and have device drivers, service pack one and some random updates. At this point I’ve done a SiSandra “burn in” test and it seems to be stable. I’m going to give it a little time before I start reinstalling software.

As I mentioned before, we had gone to Hilton Head yesterday. Before that however, Chip and I went bowling with Nagle and a few of his RA friends. After bowling we picked up Sara and headed North to the island. No one really wanted to go and had no real opinion as to where they wanted to go. All I knew was that I wanted to eat at Fudruckers, a tasty burger joint. After we got there and ate we headed quickly to Old Navy because I needed a pair of pants. I only have 2 pairs of jeans at any given time and one of those pairs is getting “thin” and is probably going to blow out a knee or rip sometime soon.

So, fixing computers has taken up most of yesterday and this morning. The puppy is also back. Melissa has more or less decided to keep it but she couldn’t take care of it today so it’s hold’up in Jason’s room in an attempt to keep it, well, away from me. Not that I dislike puppies in any way, it’s just that they make me sneeze. So, yah, the puppy is here.

Oh, and we’re also at war. Incase you have been living in a cave for the past day or so, we’ve started bombing shit. Not really much of a surprise but it’s disconcerting none-the-less.

Oh, and if all this isn’t enough to stress me out today, there’s a Tornado warning for Chatam and surrounding counties. Apparently there’s a big spinning cloud of death headed this way. Fun!

Actually, the sky just got real dark and the thunder is getting closer so it’s probably time to shut down these computers for a little while.

Matt out.