At the moment I’m downtown at the lab. I picked up my film a few minutes ago and luckily it all turned out well. I’m scanning them on our awesome Flextight negative scanner. I’m scanning at 3200ppi so it’s literally taking 20 minutes per scan. That leaves me a few minutes to browse the web while I’m waiting. I’d also like to mention that for once SCAD has done something right. Before this semester we had to scan our negatives on one machine and either transfer them across the network to a machine with a CD burner or check out one of the fire-wire burners we have. This was all well and good but the fire-wire burners were always either checked out or broken. This left us transfering 200Mb files across a shitty campus network. That took forever. No longer! Someone finally convinced the photo department to invest in some burners IN the machines connected to the scanners. Not only did the buy a few burners, they bought beautiful new 40x Plextor burners. I love Plextor burners, they are, in my opinion, the pinacle of burner technology. Silent, quick and rock solid. I have a wonderful SCSI Plextor in my older machine that I wouldn’t ever dream of parting with, except maybe for a faster Plextor. Anyway, I just wanted to share that little tid bit. Its not often that SCAD does something correctly and its usually worth mentioning when they do.

…damn, all this typing and my scan is only halfway done. 🙂