A most interesting day around the ranch. We started with a little cold leftover pizza and some video games. Followed up by a “tour” of downtown. I’m not very good at giving tours and I don’t know much about the historic parts of Savannah so I’m sure it was pretty boring for Chip. Most of the tour consisted of “this is that place that I did that thing that time.” Oh well. Afterwords we wondered over to B&N so I could pick up the new PDN and see if there was a new book to catch my fancy. I’ve been looking for something new to read for quite some time. I picked up “The Summer of ’49” which retells the tale of the 1949 baseball season which was essentially the Yanks vs. the Sox. After that we went over to Best Buy so that I could get one of those wrist support things since I’ve been developing carpal tunnel (sp?). From there we came back to the apartment and tried to diagnose some serious problems with my computer. It’s been locking up and restarting without warning since yesterday. We’ve calmed it down with a few (bios, MB, video card and windows) updates. I’ve also unplugged a few USB devices because one of the alleged fixes (as mentioned in the Microsoft knowledge base) could be that there isn’t enough USB bandwidth and devices need to be removed. I’m down to the keyboard, mouse and printer and things seem to be going ok.

After all that, things got a little interesting. I heard a kid crying outside and went to investigate and found a little kid cowering on Jason’s car afraid to get down. I got Jason and we went outside to see what was going on. The child was apparently afraid of a puppy. Yes, a puppy. It was wondering around down by Lauren’s apartment and was just sitting there minding it’s own business. Jason took hold of the puppy so that the kid could run away in safety. So, now we were holding onto a puppy. We decided we’d go to the rental office to see if it was anyone’s because it was neutered and looked well kept and well behaved but had no collar on it. The rental office had no idea who’s dog it was and suggested we visit Animal Control and the Humane Society. So, that’s where we went. The entire time the puppy didn’t make a sound and was generally pleasant and playful. It’s a shame I’m allergic to dogs, otherwise this would have made the perfect pet. We got to the animal shelter around 5:30 and found out it had closed at 4:30. Luckily the humane society next door was open until 6. Problem is that they don’t take stays. The Animal shelter takes them, checks them out and then turns them over for adoption. So we’re stuck with this dog for the moment. Jason called Melissa when we got back and she’s going to take it for the night so that’s good. They’re actually at the store right now buying it food or something. I feel really bad for the dog, it’s far to well behaved not to be someone’s pet and if I wasn’t allergic to it I’d almost suggest that it be our pet, but that’s couldn’t happen. We did manage to take some pictures however. These are a few from Chip’s camera and I’ll get Jason’s off his camera later. I’m sure Chip has posted about this as well. He suggested that I use “trackback” to link to him but I prefer the old fashion way myself.

That’s about it for excitement around here. Computers crashing and being fixed, new books and stray puppies. What more could you ask for in an afternoon?

Matt out.