It was your typical Sunday. Sitting around, doing nothing, wasting time. Usually I would do homework or read or even go play ultimate frisbee in the park. This time I chose to simply relax. I’ve taken 4 rolls of film this weekend, far from my hopeful estimate of 20 but still enough to keep my ass out of the frying pan. I hope to get some ideas and get rolling on some “crazy” ideas in the next few weeks. Like I told my professor, I’m not looking for 20+ images this semester, I’m merely hoping to add 5 or so solid pieces to my portfolio. Sure 20 would be nice but they’re not necessary and I’m not going to work my ass off to make more images that may or may not be worth it in the end.

On the same “creative” train of thought, I felt inspired to make some icons this weekend. They’re of course not done but I think I’m actually going to dedicate some time to these. I hope to make a set similar to the Gorrila set by Jim Mac and converted by Brewman. The original set lacks Windows-ish icons (my computer, ie, network neighborhood) since it’s originally an icon set for Gnome. I really love that heavy cartoon style and hopefully I can pull off something that will compliment the already awesome set. I haven’t asked permission from Jim yet but may in the next few days if I like what I’m coming up with. Even though I’d be making a set from scratch and technically it would have nothing to do with Gnome/Linux, I’d still want to pay proper respect and at least site him as a source of inspiration.

Oh, and more more thing before I head off to bed, just a few minutes ago a new version of Y’z Dock was released. Go check out 0.60 beta.

That is all.