Not much going on at the moment. I’m trying to plan a few photos this week and debating whether or not to even go to class today. I’ve just been feeling crappy because of the weather and some other stuff. I haven’t felt like myself in a while. Anyway, it’s still an hour before I need to leave if I decide to so I figured I’d browse the web a bit and share if I came across anything interesting. Enjoy.

The biggest hard drive I’ve ever seen… damn!

Communications Arts offers student price of $39 for a whole year. Which is really good considering a single issue is $20. Yes, it’s one of those magazines.

Crystallized Windows Theme v2.0 – very nice

Smooth Stripes 2.5 – even nicer

The original themes for those of you with a Mac. Check out the OS XP, it’s funny.

The coolest custom cursors ever.

Rockstar confirms GTA: Vice City for PC – ’bout time.

R.Peter Clark – skinner extraordinare.

Holy Shit…. Google is buying Blogger!

Hopefully this will be a better solution than the Windows Navy fleet from a few years ago.

Duh. More anti DMCA stuff that Matt likes to read.

Hmm… Graffiti Space Trap Tested in Calif. Cities. Weird.

Do you have a 1337 name yet… you could.

NICE. I can’t read a damn word of it, but the icons of famous video games are pretty nifty.

This kind of creeps me out… Flash required, sorry.

That’s about it. I’ve successfully killed off a half-hour. THANKS INTERNET!