Well, the past few day have been pretty interesting. It turned out that I didn’t have my critique on Thursday, buying me precious time to shoot more film. Thursday night I had ever intention of shooting when we went out as a group but it turned out I was having far too much fun to bother with my camera. Lauren, Sarah, Brittney and myself went to Savannah Smile: a dueling piano bar. It was A LOT of fun. I can see this being a recurring theme for me weekends to come. They play old standards, classic rock tunes and a few eclectic favorites on two beat-up old baby-grands. All the pianists were great and more than entertaining. Drinks seemed a little pricey but that’s probably because the door charge is so low. It was a little empty on Thursday night as one might expect so we decided to go back last night. We were right and the place was definitely at full tilt last night. I guess Friday is the night to go. I took both evenings opportunities to take some pictures so that turned out to be a good plan.

Friday afternoon was a little less eventful but helpful none-the-less. I had a midterm conference at 2pm downtown so I headed off to that as Lauren got to work on her AutoCAD projects. The conference went well and I have an A so far. Jenny (my professor) took a look at what I had an suggested a few interesting ways to proceed from there. From there I picked up a few movies from Hollywood Video and some flowers for Lauren as a surprise from the grocery store across the street.

Today Lauren’s friend Ashley is coming to visit from her school in Charleston. It’s Ashley’s birthday so they’re going to go out to dinner as a “girls night out” sort of thing… but not before posing for some pictures. Lauren asked if I could take some pictures of the two of them since they don’t really have any. I agreed figuring I could kill two birds with one stone and take some pictures for myself as well.

That’s my basic plan for the day. I also just finished Unreal 2 so I’ll try and post a review of that over at Chocobo.cx. I might post a SimCity 4 review as well but we’ll see what I have time to type. I might not get to it until this evening though so don’t be waiting with baited breath.

I was also going to rant and rave about so typically Matt Brand social injustice, computer issues, free speech, the stupidity of our president and so on, but that’s just a downer so I’ll skip my usually rant for today. You should however, check out michaelmoore.com. Mike has some insight into just about everything. Pay special attention to the Homeland Security section. There’s some good reads in there. I’ll also link to a story that boarders on sensationalism as well as stupidity. The story itself isn’t that interesting, it’s TCPA stuff that you’ve heard me rant about before, it’s the shear quantity of ridiculous comments, both for and against that should be read. Yes, those are separate links.

Anyway, that’s about it. Later.