Well, I got my first haircut in 8+ months today. I was a little frightened having had a horrible experience the last time I tried to get my haircut in Savannah but thankfully everything turned out ok this time. Actually, it’s probably one of the best haircuts I’ve ever had. I chopped off a good five inches and it’s a lot less “girl-ish” finally. It’s still a longer length than your typical haircut but it’s reverse layered and shaped correctly. It’s good. I also only paid $30 for it too. Usually they charge $50+ at the type of places I like to have my hair cut. I was very happy.

I also got my Clie case/wallet today. So, not only like my head stylish but so is my pocket. I got a nice black leather flip case and a screen protector from eXpansis. It took them far too long to ship it to me but the quality of the case is nice so I won’t complain.

Last night I also managed to shoot 3 rolls of film and get a 4th almost finished. I still need to shoot more this weekend, probably 10 rolls total, but this is a good start. I’ll shoot more tonight with the help of Lauren and her friends and then possibly some tomorrow with Nagle. We talked about bowling but I’ve still got to call him and ask.

That’s about it. Lauren and her friends are off looking at dresses for a wedding and I’m about to play some SimCity 4.

That is all.