Well, Hilton Head was fun yesterday. I actually spent a little money and came home with a nice jacket and a few t-shirts. Lauren got me a nice green button-up shirt as well. We also had lunch at Fudruckers, which is always a highlight for me. After that we came home, watched some Muppets and relaxed. It was a good day.

Oh, I forgot to mention that. My roommate is awesome. He got me 5 DVDs worth of The Muppet Show box set. I was beside myself with joy.

So, that brings us up to today. Despite the fact that I need to be shooting a lot of film, I’m going to go play ultimate frisbee with Nagle in the park. I haven’t done that in quite a long time and am really looking forward to it. Tonight I MUST get my shit together and start shooting some film. That’s what I’ll be doing Monday as well. Unfortunately the photo building (and all SCAD buildings) are closed tomorrow for MLKs birthday. Some “work in progress” stuff is due Thursday and I’m afraid I don’t have much “in progress.” My ringflash and my film has been shipped from B&H which means there’s going to be quite a lot of shooting this week before Thursday. I figure that Thursday morning or Wednesday night I’m going to make a few quick contact sheets and that’ll be my “in progress” work. I don’t have the time or the paper (separate order) to make prints yet so contact sheets will have to do.

This raises an even bigger question of who I’m going to take pictures of. I brought my camera with me yesterday to Hilton Head but managed not to take any pictures. I’m going to try again with frisbee this afternoon. I know Lauren is willing to get her picture taken but I hate bothering her with it. I could probably convince Nagle as well. But, unfortunately for me, that’s everybody that I can think of. I have a few random friends in the photo department but I’d feel weird about asking people I sorta-know to stand in front of my camera. I suppose I’ll have to though. I’ll talk to some people on Tuesday and see if anyone would be willing.

Thats about it from here. Later.