Well, it’s been a few days since I’ve updated anything. I figured it was about time. A little bit of everything has been going on around here, most all of it good. Wednesday I had a critique in Personal Vision that went rather well. I even had one of my pictures likened to a Cindy Sherman piece. I was pretty psyched about that. I had basically just used my shoot as a warm up since I was waiting for my ring flash to show up. I was surprised about how well some of the shots came out and now I’m excited for the rest of the semester. Speaking of the ring light, it came on Wednesday and the modular that makes it work came yesterday, which means that I can play around with it this weekend and get the hang of it as I ease myself back into some serious shooting.

Also, speaking of deliveries. My memory stick and copy of Roman Holiday are on their way from Amazon and my Clie case and screen protectors are on their way from PalmGear (expansys.com). I couldn’t find any cases I liked on Amazon so I went to PG for that but I still has an Amazon gift certificate so I figured I’d get the memory stick from them. Of course it just didn’t make any sense to pay for shipping on a memory stick so I just simply had to get a DVD to make the shipping worthwhile.

So, all that should be here this weekend. I hope.

Besides that I’ve been trying to clean the house up a little. It’s not that it’s messy, it just looks like 2 college guys live here. Not like that’s a bad thing, but my obsessive compulsive side kicks in every once in a while and needs to straiten things out. It’s also starting to bother me that I don’t have a coffee table. I don’t have any place to put my feet while watching TV. Not that I watch TV all that much (less than 4 hours a week), mostly because I only have basic cable, but when I do I’d like a nice place for my feet to rest. Oh well.

Elsewhere, I’ve decided that I’ve gotten annoyed with my own music collection. Now, most of my friends would say that I have a pretty good collection going at this point and while I would agree I would point out that everything I’m listening to on a regular basis is at least a few years old. For example, yesterday in the car I was listening to the second Weezer album, a 5 year old Catch-22 album, and Cafe Del Mar Vol. 5 (they’re up to Vol. 9). There’s absolutely nothing wrong with any of those albums but I’ve listened to them so many times I know them inside and out. I suppose I’ll get a treat in a month or so when Paul Van Dyks new artist album comes out and I was also thinking about picking up Underworld’s A Hundred Days Off, Tom Middleton’s Sounds of the Cosmos and Ministry of Sound’s The Chillout Sessions. I’ve also wanted Underworld’s live album (everything, everything) since I heard it in Chris’ car while I was home but it’s out of print and I can’t bring myself to spend $40 for the import.

That brings us up to the present, Friday, a SCAD bullshit make-up day. My Portrait teacher has decided to be evil and scheduled a lighting demo day today so that everyone has to come. Usually teachers are understanding about Friday make-up days and realize that some students have jobs and have to work on the weekends. Not this time. He’s scheduled one of the most important days class-wise, on a day that he knew only half the class was going to show up for. Arg.

Oh well, I need to get up anyways. This will give me a chance to ask fellow students what they’re doing this weekend and to see if I can recruit anyone to pose for some pictures. We’ll see.

Alright. Time to get ready for the day. Matt out.