That’s what I just paid for cable this afternoon. After driving down to their office and asking them WHY it was $128. They fed me some BS line about how I was on this promotional deal that started on the 12th of one month but that billing is done on the 1st so I got charge an extra 12 days at full price plus the full price for that month. I told them that was crap and that they couldn’t charge me twice for the same thing, regardless of those 12 days. I asked for the manager and got him to un-pro-rate those 12 days. It also didn’t help that I was away and hadn’t paid last months bill either, so that tacked on an extra $40. So, technically my cable bill is about $55 a month, but today I paid for 2 and a half months worth. Ouch. Now my wallet hurts. To make matters worse, I don’t know when SCAD is going to get off their ass and find my loan check. NHHEF (New Hampshire Higher Education Foundation) says they’ve sent two checks. SCAD can’t seem to find either of them. I hate my school.

In the mean time I don’t have enough money to pay Jason back for rent AND buy supplies. I’m supposed to have shot a couple rolls of film by next week and I haven’t even ordered the film yet. Wheee! Isn’t life grand.

I’ve also been running a bit more. Twice in the past three days even. Plus 100 situps/crunches a day. All that in an attempt to make me look better than I feel.

Oh, and my shoot on Saturday went well. I think. I haven’t gotten the film back yet. I’ll be picking that up this afternoon. I had never worked with any of the people I worked with on Saturday but would do it again. They all seemed very nice and professional and when it came time to setup and shoot we pulled together and got the job done. Actually, the class that the film is for is at 3:00 today. We’re technically supposed to shoot during class for the assignment we did on Saturday. It’s quite possible that I’ll be home by 3:30. If everyones film turns out and there’s nothing to do in class, there’s no point in staying.

Yesterday I also went with Lauren and Brit to Big Lots and Sam’s Club. I needed a cheap entertainment center because the box (yes… a box) that the TV was sitting on decided to collapse. Lauren and Brittney wanted to go to Sam’s while we were out and I took the opportunity to get some tasty breakfast sandwiches so that I’d be more likely to eat something in the mornings instead of waiting until lunch like normal.

Thats about it. Tonight I’ve got to sit down and read Othello and write up a peer-evaluation for tomorrow. Other than that I’ve been playing a little Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 and listening to the PVD essential mix from Columbiahalle and the Dirty Vegas EM from September. They’re both pretty slick. Alrighty. I’m off to class. Later.