Well, my day has been getting a little better. I checked my email a little while ago and it seems I’ve won a contest over at Neowin.net. I’ve won a subscription to StarDocks subscription game service. Huzah for me! There were plenty of other prizes up for grabs and I was picked for this one. Although a copy of Icon Workshop or Nero would have been awesome, this is certainly a welcome surprise. Thanks Neowin!

Also, after talking it over with my folks, they’re thinking about combining Christmas and my birthday and getting possibly getting me a Clie. While thats terrific, I now don’t know which one I want. If I’m not paying for it myself it’s going to a: be color and b: have a few huge memory sticks as well as a mini-keyboard. I really really wanted one with a WiFi card but apparently the only ones that have that are the new NX series ($500+) so that’s probably out of the question. I think a nice T series would fit nicely, perhaps a PEG-T665C. We’ll see. Anyway, just wanted to share.