My original plan was to go to Manchester today, meet up with Chip and purchase a memory stick. As it turns out, electronic accessory items are a popular thing to be purchased the day after Christmas. Circuit City was sold out and Best Buy had a few but they were really over priced. I’ll just order them online along with a spiffy new case. I was hoping to pick up a 128Mb and a 64Mb card. The smaller for applications and the larger for photos and MP3s. Everything was going fine until we decided to check Best Buy. The problem with WorstBuy is that it’s in the mall. Going anywhere near a mall on the day before or the day after Christmas is like committing retail suicide. The smart people are out looking for deals, the stupid people are out because they have nothing better to do and the rest of the world is out returning that sweater that they got and will never wear. Add 12″ of snow on top of this mayhem and you get my afternoon.

It wasn’t a total loss however, Chip beamed a few things over from his Clie to mine and I’m playing with new Launcher X skins as we speak.

Also, tomorrow is the start of the big LAN tournament in Maine. I’ll be out of town for the next few days enjoying multitudes of gaming goodness. I’ve never been to a big LAN event before so it should be an interesting experience. Geeks of all ages and backgrounds, in the same space, playing video games for hours on end. Whoever came up with that idea deserves a medal. At any rate, Chip and I will be leaving southern NH tomorrow afternoon. Wish us luck as we attempt to destroy (or at least wound) the competition.