I hate how my father approaches things. His way of “suggesting” aka: telling you to do something is to bring it up in the most backhanded way possible and then argue all it’s rational points so that it doesn’t seem quite so bad. For example, mere momements ago I got “so, are you going to EB tomorrow?” Meaning “you’re going to get a job for this break right?” “Umm, I think they’re hiring and if you could make some extra money this break it would only help yourself.” Gee, thanks, I couldn’t have figured that out on my own. I do realize that money it tight. Infact, of the four of us, I’m probably the most broke. You don’t have to tell me how little money I don’t have. I’m the one living off $50 a month… not you. Then, to add some rational bits to this cocked-hat he says “you know, because I’m usually either working everyday or I’m in here (meaning my room) working on the computer… so, umm, you can’t be sleeping until noon.” Well, that’s just fantastic. Now, not only am I expected to work durring my ONE BREAK this year, if I’m not working I can’t sleep in. “Well, you could sleep in your brothers room” he says. Yah, right, I drove 1200 miles to visit with family and friends to not be able to sleep in my own bed because it incoviences you. Riigghhtt… I’m seriously considering just driving back to GA and coming back up for Christmas. Fuck, the last thing I want to do after a stressful semester at school is work retail durring the holidays. That would certainly let my blood pressure go back down. I’ll deal with that later once I’ve decided what I want to do about work, if I want to, and where.

Lets see, what else. Friday I went out with Chris and Tess to Margaritas in Nashua. They had some catching up to do and I was playing the part of the 3rd wheel. Or actually the 8th wheel as it turned out. Tess’ friend Georgia was there who called her friend (who I can’t remember the name of) who showed up and then saw three of her friends in the resturant who also joined us. So, it went from a few people to 8 people in about a half-hour. I didn’t know anyone but Chris and Tess and felt instant 3rd wheel syndrome. I guess Chris and Tess got to hang out a little but I couldn’t tell over the noise from the other folks and the fact that I was all the way at the end of the table. Chris and I talked about it afterwords and we’ve decided that we’re just not socializing types of people. I’m all for going out in a group and having fun, but not when I don’t know anyone else and I’m forced to “small talk” with people I could care less about talking to. It was a little fun though, I had never been to Margaritas except for a quick lunch and it’s a nice place. That and the quesidilias (sp?) were tasty.

Saturday I started off with a trip to Nashua with Chris to get his sisters snowboard waxed and ended up spending half and hour in Newbury Comics. Ahh, Newbs… you’ll be the death of my credit limit. Chris was also looking for a mixer to go with the TURNTABLES he’s planning on buying. I hate him. A lot. Well, ok, I don’t hate Chris, I’m just insainly jelous. So, after that we had a quick bite to eat at Papa Ginos and headed home. Chris was going out with his folks for dinner and then leaving today so I figured I’d give Chip a call since I hadn’t seen him yet. Chip was at home playing a little Final Fantasy so I figured I’d join him. After a little bit we figured we’d go see the new Bond movie and do a little WarDriving along the way. The movie was… well, semi-crappy. There was violence, cool cars and no plot. Hey, it’s a Bond movie, what did you expect? So, more or less disappointed in that we headed back to Nashua to grab a bite to eat before dropping Chip off at home. I think Chip is at a hockey game today with his parents so he’s probably tied up. Since he’s busy and Chris is leaving it looks like another day on the couch, much to my father shagrin. Hey, it’s my break, if I want to be lazy, I can. I deserve it. I’m going to graduate cum-lauda (with honors) in the spring and I worked my ass off for it. I deserve to rest and repair my mind a little when I have the chance and if that means sitting on the couch and watching HBO, so be it.

As for what I’m going to be doing in the days to come, I’ve got no clue. Working at EB would have the single advantage of being something to do. But it’s many downsides are souring me on the idea. I’d like to spend my break talking with and assisting actual photographers. Maybe I should come up with a list and spend a little time on the phone in the next few days. We’ll see.

I also had an opportunity to check my SCAD email a few minutes ago. THOSE FUCKING ASSHATS! The Bursars Office has yet to process not one but two of my loans that the paperwork was turning in on two months ago. I got an email saying that if I didn’t pay my tuition by Dec 9th I’d be charged $150 and if not by the 26th I’d be dropped from all my classes. I’d like to point out that there’s simply nothing I can do. Literally. THEY have to process my loans. I can’t do it for them. THEY are the reason that THEY don’t have their money. But, they’ll charge me $150 because THEY are too fucking slow. God I hate those people. I can’t physically make them do anything faster. My life is in a big giant pile of paper on someone’s desk and they’ll “get to it” whenever they feel like it. It’s enraging. I’m not going to do anything as drastic as threaten physical violence but I’m not going to be my usually ball of sunshine on the phone tomorrow when I call them at 9am to make sure they understand my displeasure at the current situation. “There’s no sense in stressing about it”, my mom tells me, “it’ll only make your blood pressure go up.” She’s right. I think it’s time to watch Lord of the Rings or something. In a little bit I’ll give Lauren a call too, she always makes me feel better.