Well, SCAD finally sent me the promissory note I was supposed to sign two months ago. I got it this afternoon. Monday morning I’ll be at Kinkos faxing a signed copy back because I’m simply not waiting/relying on the mail. Thankfully once this is taken care of I should be all set tuition wise. Not living expenses wise mind you, but at least I can attend classes. Basically my refund for last semester is going to cover the missing amount for this semester leaving me with somewhere between $1000 and $1200 to pay off a $3000 credit card bill and to live on. Those of you with a math degree can probably see the problem. Thankfully the wonderful people at Nellie Mae are almost finished processing my other loan and that should land me an extra $3000 to pay off that $3000. How convenient. Now the trick will be coordinating the attack at the Bursars Office and the Office of Financial Aid so that I can get all this taken care at the same time. I plan to fax Financial Aid, call them 10 minutes later to make sure they got it, immediately call the Bursars and tell them that everything is a go and what I’d like to do with the balance from last semester (pay off this semester) and that anything additional I’d like directly deposited into my bank account. With amazing amount of luck I might be able to pull this off. More than likely I’ll be on the phone playing tag all week. I don’t really care so long as it’s straitened out before X-mas because I know these people are going to disappear that week and you won’t hear from them until after New Years. I fully intend to celebrate the New Year dept free, or at least, that’s the plan.

On to other things. Last night Chip and I and a bunch of people from the F.o.R CounterStrike clan saw Star-Trek: Nemesis. I have to say, it was probably one of the best Star Trek movies of all time. Admittedly I haven’t see all of the previous 8 (?) but of the ones I have seen, this certainly bests all. It’s easily the best Next Generation movie hands down. I’d offer a more astute review but, you know what, it’s a Star Trek movie and if you’re a nerd or trekkie you’re going to see it anyway. If you’re not you probably won’t and my mention of it’s good qualities might only encourage you to rent it a few months from now. Regardless, it’s enjoyable.

I also got a call from Nick tonight asking if I wanted to go see it again. Unfortunately I can’t since I waiting around for my family for dinner (we don’t have many together) and as I just mentioned I saw it last night. Being broke doesn’t really help either. Then again, I was broke to begin with so who are we kidding? I’ll give Nick a call tomorrow and see if he’d like to go get some coffee. I haven’t seen him in a while and would like to catch up.

Oh ya… and Neverwinter Nights is being crushed under my mighty boot. It of course helps when you find items that completely negate both physical and magical damage, leaving you free to crush your enemies without discretion. That and Battlefield 1942 AFTER the 1.2 patch, is the most stunning multiplayer experience I’ve ever been apart of. It reminds me of early CS days. Oh the splendor of video games.

That is all.