You know, it’s getting really hard to title these dumb things. I can’t think of anything good anymore… not like that’ll stop me though. Well, today I went and paid Chip and Dave a visit. Or, more accuratly I paid Chip a visit since Dave has apparently dropped off the planet and no one really knows what he’s up to. I had wanted to talk to Dave about assisting him with a few photo shoots while I was home this break. I hope he needs an assistant because I’m very much against going back to EB. So, I hung out with Chip for a bit before going and getting some lunch. After that I can back here and watched old News Radio reruns.

I had grandeous plans of redesigning some web pages and finally putting the finishing touches on Damn I’m lazy. That site not being up is pretty much entirely my fault. I was either busy with school or so not busy that I was finding better things to do. You know how it is. The right level of “busy” is very hard to maintain. You don’t want to overwork yourself but you certainly want to keep yourself occupied.

So, instead of making web pages, I browsed them, in search of loan alternatives to those Wells Fargo bastards. I applied for a Nellie Mae loan and it’ll take 24 hours to process so I’ll know by tomorrow. I did it without a co-signer so my odds of getting it are pretty slim but if I can do it without involving my parents then all the better. They have their own finances to worry about without having to deal with mine.

Other than that I’ve just been sitting here, waiting for my folks to get home so I can figure out what I’m doing about dinner. Most of the time we just don’t have dinner so we do our own thing, but every now and again we do. More often than not the times we’re having food are the times that I have plans so I usually miss out. Everytime I stay in and don’t have anything to do (like tonight) I usually end up with toast. We’ll see.

Thats about it. Oh, and Age of Mythology is weird. I’ll explain later.