Well, today was “December Birthdays” down at my Grandparents house. Typically the Perry’s gather together on months when there’s more than one birthday, get a cake and exchange small gifts. Apparently the memo didn’t get around to everyone this time. My brother was off at the Patriots game, my uncle was at home (watching the Patriots game) and my aunt was buying her christmas tree. So, it was my immediate family, uncle Chris, Aunt Denise and my grandparents. Hardly the whole clan. Usually when something like this happens, the aunts and uncles tease each other for months with “well, if you had been there” type jokes. Christmas should be interesting.

Yesterday I hung out with Chip for a while. We got some food followed by a few video games. Much fun. I hadn’t played console games in quite a while.

Also, some random stuff for you guys to take a look at:

This made me laugh until it hurt. Internet SPAM king can’t take what he dishes out. Check out some of the comments for useful links at SlashDot.

New version of WinRAR.

Y’z Dock 0.4.2 (incase I forgot to link it before). Also check out DeskMod for some Y’z Dock Icons and Backgrounds.

Chris showed me Direct Connect and all it’s file sharring glory.

That’s about it. Later.