Well, Lauren called last night and it looks like she’s not coming up for break. I’m kind of bumed out but she says she’ll take me out for a nice dinner and such when we get back to Savannah. Those airline tickets are just too expensive and flying durring the holidays is probably the most stressful activity someone could engage in so I completely understand her decision. I can’t say I’d do anything different. For the amount of money it would have taken to get up here it just wouldn’t have been worth it. It’s disappointing that she won’t be here for my birthday or for after Christmas but it just isn’t legistically possible this year. That’s ok though, I know she loves me and that she tried her best to get up here. It’s only a few days difference anyway. Instead of the 26th, I’ll see her the 2nd. That’s not so bad. As a small upside, I now get to spend the money I would have used to take her out to dinner and such and get her something even nicer for Christmas 🙂 Tehehe.

Speaking of money, I mailed my award letter back to SCAD, overnight of course. According to the guy at the post office, they should have it by noon tomorrow. I had called the Financial Aid Office and left a message about faxing it but no one had called me back. I figured I probably shouldn’t wait on their lazy asses so I just went ahead and mailed it. It’ll probably get there before they even have a chance to call me back anyways.

I’ve also started my mix CDs for Chris and Chip. I’m about 3/4 done with the first one. Well, getting the right tracks that is. I mix it together all at once at the end but I don’t really consider that “working on it” since I merely have to “do it” and it’s more fun than just “work” anyway. I’ve been trying all weekend to get my hands on some killer tracks and I think I’ve done just that. Hopefully they’ll like’em. Oh, and if anyone else wants a copy, just let me know. I didn’t figure too many other people like techno.

Oh, and incase Chris or Chip want’s to take a look at what might be on the CDs, here’s a brief (*cough*) list of what I’ve gotten my hands on lately. And yes, there are repeats on the list, it’s copied from trackslistings so just deal with it.

That’s about it. Later.

Iio – At The End (Scumfrog Remix)
Young Persians – U Write The Rules (Solar Stone Remix)
ROC Project feat Tina Arena – Never (DJ Tiesto Magik Muzik Mix)
Mr Sam vs Fred Baker – Forever Waiting
Mark Lowndes – Disillusions
The Green Martian – Wizardry
DJ Tiesto & Junkie XL – Obsession (Frank Biazzi Remix)
DJ Tomcraft – Loneliness (Klub Mix)
Viframa – Cristalle (Katana feat DJ Precision Remix)
Andain – Summer Calling (Airwave Progressive Mix)
Veit – Sky (Magik Muzik Remix)
Lange – Don’t Think It Feel It (Shane 54 Monster Mix)
Jurgen Vries – The Opera Song (Original Mix)
Midway – Inca
Conjure One – Tears From The Moon (DJ Tiesto ISOS Remix)
Cosmic Gate feat Jan Johnston – Raging (The Storm) (Flutlicht Dub)
GTR – Mistral
Age Of Love – Age Of Love (Mr Sam Remix)
Yahel – Sugar 1
Planisphere – Totem
Paul van Dyk – Another Way (Club Mix)
Blackeight – The Silence (Original Mix)
Sasha – Wavy Gravy (Paul van Dyk Rework)
Solid Sleep – Club Attack (Paul van Dyk P.O.D. Remix)
Marco V – I Feel You (Paul van Dyk Remix)
Umek – Gatek (Oliver Lieb Remix)
Paul van Dyk – Unknown
Dark Monks – Insane (Steve Murano Dub)
John Askew – New Dimension
Humate – Love Stimulation (Paul van Dyk Remix)
Noemi – Y.O.U. (Mezziah Mix Paul van Dyk Re Edit)
Flutilicht – Icarus (Flutilcht Club Mix)
Flutlicht – The Fall (Deep Fall Mix)
Slam Feat Tyrone Visionary Palmer – Lifetimes (Full Length Mix)
The Ambush – Everlast
The Rose – Godzilla
New Order – Crystal (Lee Combs Mix)
Accadia – Into the Dawn (Accadia Club Mix)
Arcane – Somewhere (Dave Swayze Remix)
Airscape – Cruising (Exposure Mix)
Different Gear Vs. Sia – Drink To Get Drunk (Different Gear Mix)
Solicitous – Furthermost
Romanthony’s Nightvision – Never Fuck (Paul Van Dyk Casino Mix)
Flash – The Day After
DJ Tiesto – Magik Journey
Accessive Rhythm – Activate
Twilight – Platina (Maurits Paardekoper Mix)
Filther Ed – Wan
DJ Tiesto & Junkie XL – Obsession
4 Strings – Into The Night (Gabriel & Dresden 4 Deep Mix)
Insigma – Open Your Eyes (Odyssey One Mix)
Grayson Shipley pres. Solaris – The Mighty Shari (Original Mix)
Faithless – Tarantula (DJ Tiesto Remix)
3 Drives On A Vinyl – Sunset On Ibiza
Dave Matthews Band – The Space Between (DJ Tiesto Remix)
Dave Kane – The Journey of Zoe (Sinesweeper Remix)
BT – Mercury and Solace
Jan Johnston Live PA – Freefall – Skydive
Jan Johnston Live PA – Jan Johnston – Flesh (Tiesto Mix)
Jan Johnston Live PA – DJ Tiesto – Close To You (Magik Muzik Mix)
Plastikman – Spastik
Alibi – Eternity (Original Innercity Mix)
Cloud 69 – Sixty Nine Ways
Yahel & Eyal Berkan – Voyage (DJ Tiesto Magikal Remake)
Dreamcatcher – I Don’t Wanna Lose My Way (Magik Muzik Remix)
Paul Oakenfold – Southern SUn (DJ Tiesto’s In Search of Sunrise Mix)
Mark Norman – Overkill
The Hacker – Nothing Lasts (Oxia Remix)
Utah Saints – Lost Vagueness (Oliver Lieb Dub Mix)
Speedy J – Electric Deluxe
Tremor – Meia Lua (Steve Gibbs Mix)
Emmanuel Top – Tone
Sharp 2 – Perception 5
DJ Tiesto – Urban Train
Ralphie B – Massiva
Andy Ling – Fixation (Original Mix)
Sharpside – Wave Cruising
David B – Day Mission
S.O. Project – Direct Dizko
Charlie Hall – World Downfall One
Trope – Amphetamine (Red Jerry Mix)
DJ Tiesto – Lethal Industry
Windsider – Hidden Flight
DJ Tiesto – Flight 643
Katana – Fancy Fair
Push – Strange World (2000 Remake)
Tranquility Base – Razorfish (Above & Beyond Bangin’ Mix)
DJ Tiesto – In My Memory (Gabriel & Dresden Elephant Memory Vocal)
Thomas Schumacher – Ficken
Green Martian – The End of the Earth (Original Mix)
Rapid Eye – Circa Forever
L.S.G. – Hidden Sun of Venus (Oliver Lieb Mix)
Nalin & Kane – Open Your Eyes (Reworked Club Mix)
Salt Tank – Eugina (Michael Woods Mix)
Fire & Ice – Souvenir De Chine
Airwave – Save Me
Kiko – World Cup
Liquid Overdose – Fearsome Bass
King of Clubs – Revelation (Airwave Remix)
M.I.K.E. – Elements of Life
Gaiden – Point Blank (Speedy J Mix)
Solar Factor – No Return
Solicitous – Furthermost
Chiller Twist – Stringz Ultd (Shelly Remix)
Airwave – Mysteries Of Life
Flash – The Day After
Ralphie B – Massive
Solicitous – Furthermost
Dreamcatcher – I Dont Wanna Lose My Way (Magik Muzik Remix)
4 Strings – Into The Night (Original Mix)
Lange feat Skye – Drifting Away (Lange Sunset Dub)
Dave Kane – The Journey Of Zoe (Sinesweeper Remix)
Arcane – Somewhere (Dave Swayze Remix)
Nalin And Kane – Open Your Eyes
Utah Saints – Lost Vagueness (Oliver Lieb Remix)
Sidewinder – Hidden Flight (DJ Tiesto vs Kosheen Bootleg)
DJ Tiesto – Flight 643 (Original Mix)
DJ Tiesto – In My Memory (V-One Remix)
Mark Norman – Overkill
King Of Clubs – Revelation (Airwave Remix)
Green Martian – Industry
DJ Tiesto & Geert Huinink – Magik Journey
Tranquility Base – Razorfish (Above & Beyond Progressive Mix)
DJ Tiesto – Suburban Train (Original Mix)
Push – Strange World (2000 Remake)
CJ Bolland – The Prophet
Insigma – Open Your Eyes (Insigma Mix)