Well, Thanksgiving was “interesting” as always with the Perrys. We’re a very odd family but atleast we’re entertaining. Food was tasty and all that goodness. I’m still having stomach trouble but I can at least eat now. I get nearly instant indigestion but at least the food isn’t finding it’s way back up. Damn, this thing really did a number on me.

Not much going on around here either. I’m sitting in my PJs at my dad’s computer watching my brother play RalliSport Challenge on my rig. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get the cable modem hooked up to mine and I can check some email.

Speaking of tomorrow… I’m not leaving the house… unless someone has a damn fine reason (such as paying for me at a movie or something) for me to do so. Driving past WalMart there was already a crowd forming to the “Day after Thankgiving” shopping binge that 20-60 year old women seem to enjoy. AT WALMART!!! Something is wrong with this picture people! You should NOT be camped out at WallyWorld waiting for a sale. THERE’S NOTHING THAT IMPORTANT AT WALMART. In my opinion there’s really nothing at any store thats important enough to camp out for but hey, that’s just me. So, if WalMart is packed I can only cringe in fear at what the shopping-malls will look like. And if you’re not shopping, what else are you going to do with your day off? See a movie, that’s what. All the fathers and sons who aren’t out shopping with the ladies are going to be out at the movies, so that’s out of the question. And what are hungry shoppers going to do? Eat out of course. That makes going to a resturant a joke. So, no shopping-malls, retail stores, movies or food. Unless of someone can think of something to do that doesn’t involve any of the above, I’m not getting out of my PJs.

Ok, so, as we stand, I’ve got to internet and no email but plenty of games and DVDs to keep me busy. If anyone would like to come over and play a game or two (PC or PS2) or watch a DVD I’m more than up for that. Otherwise… what would you like to do on Saturday? Not that it’ll be any better shopping wise but I can’t really hide in the house all weekend fearing the wrath of some over caffinated, over shopping, soccer moms who can’t find “the perfect something” for little Timmy and are willing to spend all weekend trying anyway.

Alrighty, I think it’s time for a piece of pie. Mmmm, pie. Then I think I’ll play some RS Challenge followed by some Mafia and maybe some NeverWinter Nights. Oh well.

Oh, and I’ve got a few stories about my shitty drive home that I’ll share with you later since I’m sick of typing on my Dad’s shitty keyboard. Remind me to share.

Matt out.