My pants are in the oven. Why? Because they were dirty, I washed them and I have no dryer. I’ve heard that putting clothes in the oven for a few minutes on a low setting will dry them a little. More than likely I’m just cooking my pant.

On a seperate note, today I have a minor presentation to do in Buisness Practices class. It shouldn’t be anything more than “hi, this is my stuff, enjoy” but I always hate talking in front of the class. This however is only a prelude to tomorrow’s full blown 15 minute speak I’m supposed to give. I have slides and everything.

I’m also getting my presentation mounts today, I hope. They’re little black cardboard thingies that you put chromes (big slides) into so that they look pretty. Tomorrow I also have to pour orange juice from a decent height and photograph it’s explosion onto a table top. Ah the things I do for art. Actually, it should be a good shot. I’ve got to take a look around tonight and find something to pour it into. I’m think an old glass milk bottle, making fun of the dairy industry and giving a big “huzah” to the Florida fruit growers. We’ll see.

Oops… gotta go check on my pants.