Hey guys, lots of stuff to cover so I’ll get to it quick. Since Chris called me the other day and other people have been wondering, heres my schedule for the next few days.

My trip has been moved up from driving all day Wednesday to driving all night Tuesday. Instead of leaving at 4am Wednesday morning like we planned, I’ll be leaving the afternoon (7ish) the day before so that I can beat an east coast snow storm up the coast. Apparently it’s supposed to last all day on Wednesday and I’d rather not be stuck on some random stretch of i95 in a snow storm.

Tomorrow, early AM, I’ll be putting my car in for an oil change. From there I go to class. Lauren is picking up my dad for me at 11:00. After my 12:00 I go to my 2:30 for a quick critique and then home. I eat, I pee and the we leave. Somewhere in there I’ve also got to buy a few KMXs or Red Bull as I’ll be driving ALL NIGHT. Hopefully I’ll make it home sometime before noon (or around noon) on Wednesday. At which point I will call Lauren to tell her I made it home and then go immediatly to sleep. Thursday I gorge myself with de-feathered bird and stuffing and then sleep some more. From that Friday until Jan 1st I’m available to do stuff, give or take a week for a visit from Lauren.

Tonight I have to pack clothes, this rig, various cds and etc, prepare my work for critique tomorrow and help Lauren pack. I was planning on cleaning the house, washing the car and downloading games to play over break but I guess that won’t be happening. Anyway, back to work. I’ll see everyone (in NH) this weekend.

Have a great T-day everyone. I’ll probably set this thing back up on Friday and tell everyone all about my drive.

Matt Out.