I did fairly well today as far as getting things accomplished. I managed to get 4 prints done for next week as well as turn in 9 (!) to be printed digitally. They’ll be $6 each but it’s still a savings if you realize that it would have been $15 each plus extra time if I did them by hand.

I’m also happy because I stumbled across something that I thought was long dead. Subspace, the video game, it seems it’s really dead after all. It’s been brought back to life in much the same way Total Annihilation was. Now it’s under the subtitle of “Continuum” or as I’ve seen if more commonly referred to as “Subspace: Continuum.” Head over to SubSpace Central to get a new download and some server files. The “community” appears to be alive and kicking as well and there’s even some clans/groups floating about. Awesome. Consider me RE-addicted.

That is all.