Well, I don’t know about you, but I had a pretty friggin’ good day. This morning I took care of some financial aid paperwork and dropped off my film. I finished a section of my Buisness Practices homework and emailed it to my group. I got both my B&H order AND my Calumet order in the mail. I found a great little Tai place for dinner and had some Pad Tai and as I speak I’m washing it down with a Jack Daniels “Hard Cola”. I downloaded a game I’ve been looking for as well as a whole soundtrack and in a few hours I’m going to see “Punchdrunk Love.” What a good day I’m having. I’ve got photo supplies, a full stomach and a new game to play. Huzah!

So, tomorrow, it’s all about the web page. Hardcore. It WILL be finished tomorrow (I hope). Anyway, NHL Tonight is on ESPN at the moment, so I’ve gotta run. Later.