Well, I’m done with class and so now I’m upstairs in the digital lab waiting in line to use the drum scanner (mmm, 12,400dpi… drool). My critique went well and everybody liked my shots. I recreated a Roxio ad that featured a desheveled college student in a messy room… not much of a stretch for me. Once I get these scanned I’ll go home and install some FTP software and upload a few low-res versions for you guys to see. Please, when I do, let me know your opinions on them. I love to get feedback and I’m sick of hearing “not too bad” from fellow students. So, please, tell me if you like them… and tell me WHY you like them. For example: “I like picture A because it has good contrast and pretty colors” not “I like picture B because it’s nifty.” Got the picture? Ok, I’m going to kill some time until the scanner is ready. Later.